Six from Harvard Law School awarded Skadden Fellowships

Harvard Law School:

Haben Girma, who worked with the Cyberlaw and Disability, Veterans and Estate Planning clinics at HLS, will be working for Disability Rights Advocates in Berkeley, Calif. Her work will involve helping to improve education for students with disabilities by litigating high-impact cases to compel schools to provide accessible instructional materials, and by empowering students […]

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Advocating for Others Starts with Yourself

Perkins President Steven Rothstein concluded the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day assembly, on Jan. 16, 2012, with a call to action.

“Civil rights is up to all of you,” he said. “Don’t wait for the next Martin Luther King Jr. or Helen Keller; freedom must be demanded by the oppressed.” Yet he acknowledged every movement needs […]

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Alumna Haben Girma Overcomes Obstacles to Reach Out

Haben Girma truly embodies the spirit of buildOn. A deafblind woman who overcame incredible obstacles to help construct a school in Mali, her resilience and passion inspire nearly everyone with whom she comes into contact. and culminated with Haben’s helping to build a school in Mali. Since graduating, Haben has written extensively about her buildOn […]

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