Maxine, the sweetest, smartest, sneakiest Seeing Eye Dog

Maxine is looking up at Haben with her paw on Haben's arm. Haben is kneeling beside Maxine

Maxine, the sweetest, smartest, sneakiest Seeing Eye Dog died on Monday April 16, 2018. Maxine loved wearing her harness and going on adventures. If I wanted to walk with her, though, I had to earn that right. In our first week together she crashed me into planters, chairs, and even stairs. “It takes time to … Read more

The Helen Keller Achievement Award

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Haben Girma, and Jeff Wieland are each holding up a Helen Keller Achievement Award in front of a blue backdrop that says AFB American Foundation for the Blind. Photo by AFB.

On April 4, the American Foundation for the Blind presented me with the Helen Keller Achievement Award! Helen Keller has had a huge influence on my life — her books, her advocacy, and especially her incredible spirit. Receiving this award is a tremendous honor. I’m determined to devote my life to advocacy, just like Helen. … Read more