Delivering a Lecture at the Lighthouse Guild

Three people standing by a podium that says Lighthouse Guild. Dr. Calvin W. Roberts, President & CEO of Lighthouse Guild, holds up a large glass, diamond-shaped award with my name on it. I’m standing in the middle, smiling and holding my braille computer. On my right stands Dr. Alan R. Morse, a professor at Columbia University’s Department of Ophthalmology and president emeritus of Lighthouse Guild.

I was honored to deliver Lighthouse Guild’s very first Dr. Alan R. Morse Lecture in Advocacy! They supported my college education through a scholarship, and back then I never imagined that I would one day become a disability justice leader. Thank you, Lighthouse Guild! Let’s keep lifting up disabled advocates! Do you know a blind … Read more

Cool Tactile Guiding Paths for Blind People

Tactile paths for blind people are popping up all over the world! I loved feeling them under my feet. Strangely, some paths abruptly end for no reason. Tactile paths can’t replace canes and guide dogs, but many communities don’t have blind travel instructors. Lara Guide Dog School provides orientation & mobility training to blind people … Read more