Visiting the Anne Frank House

Inside the gift shop stands a detailed, 3D model of the museum. The tall, narrow house on the right is Anne Frank’s house, and I’m gently feeling the interior layout.

At the Anne Frank House, a wonderful guide led us on a touch tour: a sculpture of Anne writing with a fountain pen, the original bookcase that concealed the secret annex, steep ankle-twisting stairs that were challenging for my guide dog Mylo (he managed with assistance), empty rooms carrying the immense loss of the Frank … Read more

Mylo meets Milo the Horse

Milo, a black horse with a white blaze, pokes his head through the fence of his paddock to sniff my hands. Beside me, Mylo, my German Shepherd dog, wears a goofy smile with his tongue licking his nose. Photo by our friend & equestrian guide Lauren Janicki.

Milo, a lovely horse, meets Mylo, my Seeing Eye dog. To their surprise and delight, they both have humans who went to Harvard Law!

Ableism at the British Museum

Haben, a Black woman wearing a puffy coat and face covering, feels a large stylized boat in a crowded museum. Her German Shepherd Seeing Eye dog looks up in alarm when a sightie starts angry poking his person. The hand of ableism appears white, and there’s a smart watch on their wrist.

Only blind people can touch ancient treasures at the British Museum, but this jealous sightie can’t handle it. The museum has an astounding number of ancient sculptures not covered in glass or even roped off. Signs next to them prohibit touching, but that ban is for the sighted. On the same sign is a symbol … Read more