Mylo meets Milo the Horse

Milo, a lovely horse, meets Mylo, my Seeing Eye dog. To their surprise and delight, they both have humans who went to Harvard Law!

2023-06-01T14:45:17-07:00March 15th, 2023|

Ableism at the British Museum

Only blind people can touch ancient treasures at the British Museum, but this jealous sightie can’t handle it.

The museum has an astounding number of ancient sculptures not covered in glass or even roped off. Signs next to them prohibit touching, but that ban is for the sighted. On the same sign is a symbol that […]

2023-06-01T13:54:52-07:00March 11th, 2023|

Delivering a Marriage Application in Atlanta

I delivered a marriage application for a dear friend. Serving as an officiant, celebrating two people’s love for each other, is one of the most beautiful experiences. Feeling incredibly grateful.

Happy to share that everyone at the courthouse was welcoming, too. The clerk said, “Congratulations!” My role, officiant not bride, was quickly clarified, but that comment […]

2023-06-01T14:48:37-07:00February 6th, 2023|

World Braille Day

Happy World Braille Day! Louis Braille, a blind teacher, dreamed of a way for his students to enjoy books on their own. How would one read or write without sight? He invented a tactile reading system used by millions of blind people, and his birthday is now a day to celebrate this marvelous way to […]

2023-06-01T14:52:57-07:00January 4th, 2023|

Delivering a Lecture at the Lighthouse Guild

I was honored to deliver Lighthouse Guild’s very first Dr. Alan R. Morse Lecture in Advocacy! They supported my college education through a scholarship, and back then I never imagined that I would one day become a disability justice leader. Thank you, Lighthouse Guild!

Let’s keep lifting up disabled advocates! Do you know a blind advocate […]

2023-06-01T14:55:48-07:00November 18th, 2022|

Cool Tactile Guiding Paths for Blind People

Tactile paths for blind people are popping up all over the world! I loved feeling them under my feet. Strangely, some paths abruptly end for no reason. Tactile paths can’t replace canes and guide dogs, but many communities don’t have blind travel instructors.

Lara Guide Dog School provides orientation & mobility training to blind people in […]

2023-04-28T10:14:44-07:00November 6th, 2022|

My braille computer died. It’s more difficult than you think

After eleven years of tapping words into my fingertips and helping me have conversations with people around the world, my braille computer has died. They no longer make this machine, so this is truly farewell. RIP, BrailleNote Apex. I’m planning to send it to the Obama Foundation’s museum. As for me, I’m dealing with the […]

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