BBC Women of Africa Series:

Eritrean-American lawyer Haben Girma was the first deaf-blind graduate of Harvard Law School. Today she’s a lawyer at Disability Rights Advocates, a accessible technology campaigner and a keen surfer. She’s also our sixth #WomenOfAfrica unsung hero.

Full interview transcript:

I grew up facing access barriers as a deafblind person, and that inspired me to become a lawyer. And work to remove access barriers facing people with disabilities around the world.

Graduating from Harvard Law School says a lot about what can be done when people have the right attitude.

About 12 years ago, I attended a camp for the blind and met an amazing blind dancer. She taught me my first swing and salsa lessons.

I also do tandem surfing. Surfing feels very liberating and exciting. And I love being able to connect with people and to share tactile, kinaesthetic languages.

We should try to move towards a more inclusive world, so that it’s no longer a big deal for a deafblind person to go to law school.