Haben Meets Paralympian & Adventurer Aron Anderson

Paralympian, speaker, author, and adventurer. Aron Anderson ( @AronAnderson1 ) is the first wheelchair user to reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. And that is just the beginning! He leads groups on adventures around the world, showing people strategies to move through challenges. Descriptive Transcript Aron, Haben, and Seeing Eye dog Mylo are at a … Read more

Site-smelling in Alaska: The Good and the Gross

Many people talk about sight seeing, but that’s only one small part of travel. Let’s embrace all the different ways we can experience our world! Descriptive Transcript A wide, paved path curves around a fountain with a majestic whale statue, and then continues alongside the channel with beautiful views of Douglas Island and downtown Juneau. … Read more

A Tactile Tour of Alaska’s Theatre Organ

As a Deafblind person in a complicated relationship with music, stepping inside this theater organ deepened my appreciation and understanding of this extraordinary instrument. Alaska’s only working theater organ, older than the state, continues playing lovely music thanks to the Alaska State Museum, talented organists, and the passionate locals and tourists who attend the free … Read more

Add Descriptive Transcripts to Make Your Videos More Accessible

Haben against a blue background talking about transcripts

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Adding descriptive transcripts to videos helps Deafblind people and others who process information through text. Share this tip. Happy GAAD! Descriptive Transcript Haben, a Black woman in her thirties with long dark hair, speaks to the camera, a vibrant blue wall behind her. Haben: If you’re a creator, add transcripts … Read more

Alaskan Whale-watching Adventures while Deafblind

Whale watching tours may seem purely visual, but thoughtful guides create interactive experiences that are fun even though I can’t see the whales! Descriptive Transcript Experienced guide Laurie Clough approaches Haben holding a three-feet long, orange sea star. Haben gently studies the star with her fingers. Hundreds of tiny tube feet, yellow on the ends, … Read more

London vs Paris: Accessible Pedestrian Signals

London or Paris? Accessible pedestrian signals feel different across the channel, with their own pros and cons. Which style do you prefer and why? Descriptive Transcript Haben is standing at a crosswalk in London. She is wearing a lavender coat and long, gold earrings. She is speaking directly to the camera. Cars and red, double … Read more

International Guide Dog Day

Happy International Guide Dog Day! Gifts made to The Seeing Eye in honor of the day will be doubled! Descriptive Transcript Haben and her Seeing Eye dog Mylo walk through a crowded airport. Haben is wearing a long lilac overcoat and a floral dress; she’s wheeling a suitcase beside her. A man carrying a black … Read more

Disability Allyship: Milana Vayntrub & Haben Girma

Disability allyship has two crucial pillars: 1. Ask disabled people what we need, and 2. Based on those answers, take action to remove barriers. Actor, director, and comedian Milana Vayntrub role models disability allyship. AT&T invited Milana and I to share a stage, sparking a beautiful connection. We filmed this conversation after our electric keynote. … Read more

Nikil’s Treasures: The Braille & Large Print Books at India’s Accessible Reading Materials Library

Ugly and too expensive, scoffed critics. But the astounding beauty and creativity in these books speaks volumes! Dr. Namita Jacob felt frustrated by the scarcity of accessible books in India. She founded the Accessible Reading Materials Library, Chetana Charitable Trust, a community of volunteers making Braille, large print, joy-filled books that allow blind kids and … Read more