A Service Dog Holiday Song

Mylo visited a beach for the first time this week, and the experience inspired a new spin on a holiday classic:

Dashing through the sand
My guide dog will never stray
Harness in my hand
Laughing all the way

Collar tags bounce and ring
Large waves roll ashore
A four-legged pal can always bring
A spark of something more

Service dogs, service dogs,
Guides for work or play
The love in these partnerships
Always takes my breath away

Wishing you a joy-filled holiday season and a wonderful 2019.

Video Description: Haben and her guide dog Mylo walk along a sandy beach into a glorious sunset glowing through a few thick clouds. The beach has palm trees, beautiful blue waters, and no other soul in sight. Then Haben and Mylo return, with Mylo galloping through the sand while Haben jogs beside him.