A New Accessible Pedestrian Signal for Blind Travelers Video Transcript

Video Description. Haben Girma and her guide dog Mylo are standing at a street corner. She is holding up her phone toward the pedestrian signal.

iPhone: (Don’t walk signal, Slow Beeping).

Haben: I’m testing out a new app called OKO. When I get to an intersection, I hold up my phone and scan for a pedestrian signal. When it detects it and it’s a red light, it beeps slowly. It also pulses so I can feel the vibration. Then when the light changes, it speeds up. So you can either hear or feel when the light’s green.

(Fast beeping)

Description: Haben puts her phone in her pocket and then speaks to her guide dog.

Haben: Forward!

Description: Seeing Eye dog Mylo starts walking into the intersection with Haben.

Haben: Then my guide dog and I cross the street.