A Guide Dog in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico with a guide dog has gotten so much easier! A USDA endorsed health certificate is no longer required, cutting down on extra vet visits, costs, and stress. All we need is proof of rabies vaccination and the usual U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation form.

When we arrived in Mexico, a customs officer asked to see Mylo’s documents. I was ready for this: “Sure! Which document would you like to see?” After an awkward pause, the officer asked for my passport instead. He walked around Mylo doing a visual health check, and then quickly let us through.

The many rules for international travel overwhelm many customs officers in the US and abroad. Some never ask for documents when they should, and some ask for documents that aren’t needed at all. Disabled travel demands a level of resilience nondisabled people never deal with.

Hopefully our return to the US will be just as smooth. In the mean time, we’re enjoying delicious food with wonderful friends.