I’m in National Geographic! And the accessibility issue is…

I’m in National Geographic! And the accessibility issue is…

Thank you to all of you who advocate when you notice an accessibility barrier!

Visual description: Haben is sitting outside speaking, and her guide dog is chilling on the ground.


National Geographic featured me on their Instagram page. I couldn’t see the photo, but I recognized the photographer’s name. And I remembered that day when I sat down with her, it was just before my book came out, so there was a lot of excitement around the book launch. I decided to just celebrate being featured in National Geographic. And, It was a really hard week, so I just decided I’m not going to advocate on the accessibility of the photo. Then I was reading through the comments and I noticed people commenting: This is missing an image description!

Blind people are also on Instagram. There need to be image descriptions so all people can have access, including the person in the photo! This video is to say thank you to everyone who’s called out a barrier when you’ve noticed it. Right now, the bulk of that work falls on the shoulders of disabled people, and that’s exhausting. We need more people calling out barriers. So if you notice something, if you notice an access issue, say something, do something about it.